Construction & Excavation Company.

The Best Construction & Excavation Service Company In Driftwood, TX.

The Best Construction & Excavation Company In Driftwood, TX.

JFR Construction Services strives to be your very first call when you want excavation & construction work. JFR Construction is a full-service construction & excavation company based in Central Texas. We are a leading builder in various market segments. In addition, we have a thriving line of late-model heavy machinery for construction site projects.

While the home office is located in Central Texas, we serve customers throughout Texas, Bastrop, Cedar, Kyle, Buda, Driftwood, Lockhart, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Walburg, Cedar Park, Leander, Kingsland, Elgin, Tarrytown, Taylor, Elgin & Bastrop. Our highly skilled professionals bring their superior technical knowledge, experience, & resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services.

If you are searching for local excavation services personnel for your commercial project, then, stop searching & contact JFR Construction Services. From erosion control to land clearing, you can always count on our highly skilled excavators to supervise all your commercial excavation requirements.

Whether you need excavation for clearing land or installing storm drainage systems, we are proud to meet all of your requirements with our best-in-class excavating services in Driftwood, TX. Our excavators work efficiently & deliver quality results so you can stay ahead of schedule on your next construction plan/project.

We have completed hundreds of commercial & residential excavation projects covering a full range of sizes & complexities & we aren’t satisfied until you are. We aim to be your trusted source for all of your excavation needs, & we’ll work hard to earn & keep your business. 

If you are interested in our land clearing, grading, leveling, or any of our other excavation services, give our well-trained excavators a call at 512-750-4855.

Professionals at JFR Construction Services have the knowledge & experience to address all your erosion needs. If you are looking forward to implementing erosion control solutions on your property & need a dedicated & trustworthy company to partner with, look no further than JFR Construction. We are experts in installing & maintaining erosion & stormwater management systems.

Our highly trained & experienced team is equipped with cutting-edge tools to design & implement effective erosion control systems for any unique application. In addition, professionals at JFR have a solid commitment to preserving & improving our environment.

JFR Construction Services takes pride in providing customers with high-quality service at highly competitive prices. Before starting your project, we can provide you with an estimate.

We have over 15 years of experience working with all levels of land disturbances, from residential development to large industrial & commercial construction sites. 

We look forward to assisting you with soil stabilization needs, hydroseeding, wattles, blankets, & any other Construction related work that you may have.

Retaining wall

A retaining wall can help manage ground slopes, water drainage & runoff, & also control erosion issues. Retaining walls, often composed of natural stone, present a distinct border & level of definition to areas of your landscape where they are required most. Whether you opt for a retaining wall concerning its aesthetic value or because of its functionality, it’s always essential to have them installed by a professional service provider.

With JFR Construction Services’ retaining wall services, we can repair & remove older retaining walls & other features & make sure that your retaining wall will be the perfect, flush fit that you need it to be with our excellent design & planning process.

Through experience, we have learned how to strengthen our concrete through technique & materials without sacrificing quality. JFR Construction Services is comfortable working with any landscape designer or engineer of your choice.

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why the finest retaining wall materials in both styles & durability will be used for your project. Call today to pick out the right product for your commercial or residential retaining wall needs!

We specialize in directional drilling for all kinds of projects. We provide clients with a highly qualified team of experienced field professionals, operators, & drivers who perform safely & efficiently. We also specialize in delivering underground gas systems & electric utility services for all utility providers & cable, telephone, & broadband service providers with storm sewers & sanitary sewers. Also, we offer overhead Electric Power Installation & Reconstruction.


Where infrastructure is concerned, we understand the importance of a job well done. The skilled professionals at JFR Construction Services deliver the highest quality to each project. The water main installed today doesn’t become a water main that’s broken tomorrow.


Our expert team fixes water mains & sewer pipes to eliminate current stress & prevent future problems – usually through pipelining or complete pipe replacement. We also offer consultation to our clients based on our years of local experience to ensure we provide the best solutions.

JFR Construction’s safety culture is our number one priority. We continually strive to make our job sites & projects safer & more efficient. So, Contact Us for all your utility trenching work.

JFR Construction Services provides cost-effective lot clearing & land clearing services in Austin & surrounding areas. Our nature-conscious approach limits soil disturbance to a minimum & never leaves brush piles to burn.

We perform lot & land clearing, site clearing, land leveling, land clearance & much more. We are the best land clearing company that businesses & individuals rely on in Austin County. We are true experts & professionals, so you can expect the work to be completed in a fast & efficient manner.

We are excellent at making sure that we properly dispose of organic material. Lumber cleared can be salvaged for other uses. When land is cleared, there may be many rocks, stumps, felled trees, bushes, slash & other stuff that needs to be removed from the property. Let us help you get it done correctly!

We go everywhere & do everything. So no job is too big, too small, or too far. Most importantly, we carefully manage every part of the tree removal process, including a complete cleanup & haul away. If you have questions about our tree removal process or would like a free estimate, call JFR Construction Services.

If you own a less-than-level lot, count on us to grade your lot/property. Here at JFR Construction, we provide a variety of demolition & excavation services, including dirt & land leveling, lot cutting & leveling, etc.

We are suitably equipped to serve all of your residential & commercial lot cutting & leveling requirements, no matter the size & complexity of the business. Let’s delve into why you may want your property leveled or cut, the equipment that we use for the job, & what sets JFR Construction apart from the others.

Cutting or leveling your property may be necessary if you’re preparing to build a home, garage, or another building; it may be required if you’ve just had an excavation completed, & it may be needed if you’re looking to sell your property. Regardless of the reason, we have the solution. Our crew has the equipment, skill, & know-how to level your property as well as remove any excess dirt & debris so that you’re prepared for whatever’s next.

JFR Construction has served the greater Austin area for more than 15 years. We provide demolition, excavation, & tree care services for folks throughout Austin & the surrounding area.

Construction Company & Excavation Company

Rough Grading can be described as the ‘shaping’ of your home site. Here, contractors level the ground or create a specific slope to set a solid base upon which your new home or office will be built. The purpose of Grading is to prevent foundation damage down the road & provide excellent drainage. 

Rough Grading is the base & first step in all grading-related projects. Our top-of-the-line grading equipment & laser technology help us achieve proper shaping on all commercial & residential projects. At JFR Construction Services, we have the experience to achieve the results you need & desire.

When you are looking forward to hiring help for a construction site, JFR Construction Services should be at the top of your list. We have the equipment for any grading & yard expansion application. Whether it’s rough grading or finish grading, with modern equipment & years of experience, we can grade for new parking lots as well as construction slabs. 

Remember, grading involves many changes in the natural look of the land; careful planning & implementation are critical. JFR Construction Services will ensure that everything is taken care of to accurately grade your property. We are experienced professionals.

Construction Company & Excavation Company

For the laymen in the construction field, a Final Grading can be defined as installing specific materials like the screened topsoil on top of a clay base, which is called “Rough Grade” that promotes the flow of excess water away from existing structures & promotes proper drainage. The drainage & water circulation are based on the elevations found within your property’s plot plan or the rough grade certificate.

Final grading requires sand or topsoil to be imported & smoothed out to slope the ground in strategically important areas. This ensures that your grass, trees, or other plants grow beautifully.

When the construction of your property begins, we import the clean sand & spread it around the house so that it is nice & smooth & ready to plant grass or install sod.

Moving on, our professionals at JFR Construction Services start the grading process by cutting & filling high & low subgrade elevations. After the sub-base is contoured as planned, we add the topsoil. An adequately graded site ensures proper drainage for your structure. Proper drainage is essential because it ensures that the foundation does not leak & no interior damage occurs.

If you want the best in terms of final grading for the Greater Austin area, give JFR Construction Services a call today.

Construction Company & Excavation Company

JFR Construction provides rock & concrete breaking & removal solutions for Contractors, Builders, Homeowners, County, & City Public Works projects in Austin County & the surrounding area of Austin, TX. We specialize in the demolition & removal of residential concrete such as patios, ponds, stairs, walkways & retaining walls. Our non-explosive rock & concrete demolition breaking tools & technologies are fast, safe & cost-effective.

We have the techniques & experience to break up SOLID ROCK & BOULDERS OF ANY SIZE, ANYWHERE. You may encounter them during land clearing or mass excavation for building site preparation, below-grade swimming pool holes, utility trench lines, inside, under & next to damageable structures & utilities. No rock or boulder is too big to break into manageable pieces that can be dug out or loaded into a truck.

We also break up, remove & recycle asphalt & concrete driveways, walkways, floors, footings, foundations, patios, pads, sidewalks, stages, & steps, etc. In most cases, we can respond on short notice to help you stay on schedule, saving you time & money in your rock & concrete demolition project.

If you’re looking to work with a company that cares about the work they do, you’ve come to the right place. Every member of our team is licensed, bonded, invested in the work, & it shows! We like to start off every new assignment by providing our clients with a free service estimate. Give us a call today to request one.

Construction Company & Excavation Company

A construction site cleanup should only be undertaken by experienced & well-trained construction site cleaners. In addition, a complete understanding of & adherence to health & safety guidelines attached to working on a construction site must be demonstrated to ensure that your staff, contractors, & the public remain safe.

Our team provides the most exemplary construction cleanup service in Central Texas, explicitly tailored to the construction industry. JFR can provide dedicated cleaning operatives for any site size.


  • All projects are managed from start to completion to ensure quality control.
  • Strict Health & Safety protocols.
  • On-time & reliable – snag-free cleaning and attention to detail guaranteed.
  • Thoroughly trained & qualified cleaning teams who are highly recommended.
  • A wide range of our own specialist equipment is available.
  • Careful attention to detail & a perfect finish for inspections, handovers, or special events.

 We will supply all the necessary documentation for the service. We’re the number one choice for construction site cleanup, from national house builders across multiple sites to independent developers to refurbished hotels, sports centers, spas, shopping malls, retail, business, & industrial parks. We remove construction material & construction debris, & our cleaning crew is trusted in Austin, Tx.

Call us today to see how we can meet your construction site cleaning needs.

Why Trust JFR Construction Services?

JFR Construction Services was built on principles of honesty & service to our customers. The experience & versatility that has been gained over the years allows us to undertake almost any type of commercial or residential project. We are proud to serve customers in the following regions of Texas: Bastrop, Cedar, Kyle, Buda, Driftwood, Lockhart, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Walburg, Cedar Park, Leander, Kingsland, Elgin, Tarrytown, Taylor, Elgin, Bastrop.

We have the knowledge, experience, & desire to assist you with your next construction or development need.

We are fully insured for your protection carrying full liability insurance & workers compensation insurance.

Contact us at 512-750-4855 to receive a free quote on our demolition & excavation services.