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Questions You Must Ask While Choosing A Hardscape Contractor

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“Hardscaping” might be a new term for many and we have written this article to let you know exactly what hardscaping is and the facts that you must be aware of before getting it done on your property. 

It relates to the elements on your property such as decks, patios, and walls. Hardscapes are usually large, complex, heavy projects and can be challenging to build. The construction of these structures can be complex, so it needs to be executed correctly to ensure your property is protected and the structure is sturdy and safe. 

Some very specific technical questions must be asked of any hardscape contractor that you are considering hiring. In this article, let us look at the best ways to assess a hardscape landscaper to decide one that is right for your project.

Some questions are addressed below. Any licensed, reputable contractor like JFR Construction Services should answer these questions to your satisfaction.

  • Why is hardscaping crucial?

Hardscaping is a critical type of landscaping and is a strategic and structured way to get your property looking the way you want. Backyard patios and perfect-edged lawns are examples of hardscaping. These areas of your property are crucial to its aesthetic, so it is important to hire a reliable and honest hardscape contractor who has the proper expertise to get the work done right the first time. 

  • Where can I utilize hardscaping?

Hardscaping includes anything from retaining walls to walkways. Our expert team can help you compose an arrangement of hardscapes that will complement your lawn, garden, or any other area on your property. Among your hardscaping choices are:

  1. Fire pits – At JFR Construction Services, we provide pre-formed stone fire pits, custom fire pits, and double-sided fireplaces to create the setting for a beautiful backyard.
  2. Patios – Patios create an open-air setting for hosting gatherings, cookouts, and to just relax. 
  3. Retaining walls – Retaining walls are constructions that hold and retain the soil of your property. They can be used to build beautiful terraces while also limiting erosion.
  4. Pavers – Incorporating various materials, pavers are exterior flooring for driveways, walkways, and more.
  • What happens at the initial hardscaping consultation?

The initial consultation is when we discuss your needs and make suggestions on the best materials needed for your project. After the first meeting, we will create a proposal that will outline costing and other aspects involved. Incorporated in your proposal are design concepts utilizing our hardscaping software which conceptualizes your vision and shows you what the finished product will look like. 

  • Why Should I Use Hardscaping?

Hardscaping can instantly change the aesthetic and functionality of your property. Using hardscaping to create structures on your property can also be a low maintenance option that does not require water, pruning, mowing, etc. You can also create easy-to-navigate paths with hardscaping. This will allow you to increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

Why contact JFR Construction Services for your Hardscaping needs?

When you need to make your property more attractive and functional for your family and guests, you can rely on the expert team of professionals at JFR Construction Services to create it. 

Our experts always use high-quality equipment and their vast experience to turn your vision into a reality. Our company has been serving homeowners and business owners in Austin for more than 15 years and we are excited to add you to our roster of satisfied customers. 

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