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Lot/Land Clearing & Cleaning SERVICES in Austin & nearby areas

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JFR Construction Services provides cost-effective Lot Clearing & Land Cleaning Services in Austin & surrounding areas. Our nature-conscious approach limits soil disturbance to a minimum & never leaves brush piles to burn.

We are adequately equipped to meet all of your residential & commercial lot clearing needs no matter the size & complexity of the work. You can fully rely on our well-trained crews for your projects, including new home construction, additions, parking lots, or brush removal. We also offer lot clearing services & pick out the higher value trees such as elms. Call our extremely trained specialists today for your free estimate.

We perform lot & land clearing, site clearing, land leveling, land clearance & much more. We are the best land clearing company that businesses & individuals rely on in Austin County. We are true experts & professionals, so you can expect the work to be completed in a fast & efficient manner.

Our clients request land-clearing services for numerous reasons. Whether it is to level off existing land, prepare for a new golf course, plan for a new foundation to be laid, or anything that includes grading & leveling, we have the experience & know-how you need. 

We are excellent at making sure that we properly dispose of organic material. Lumber cleared can be salvaged for other uses. When land is cleared, there may be a plethora of rocks, stumps, felled trees, bushes, slash & other stuff that needs to be removed from the property. Let us help you get it done properly!

Experienced Lot and Land Clearing Specialist

It takes several years to become a Lot and Land Clearing Specialist, or specifically, a tree expert in this extremely skilled & risky area of expertise. Taking down large trees close to homes or structures require skill & experience. We have professional tree climbers that perform this task daily. Our climbers are real experts with many years of practice in safe & efficient rigging, climbing, roping, removal & groundwork.

Tree removal is a talent & a specialized skill that tree climbers take years to achieve. When you hire JFR Construction Service, you are dealing with some of the very best in the business with even better pricing!

Why Choose JFR Construction Service


We go everywhere & do everything. No job is too big, too small or too far.

  • Free estimates always!
  • Full comprehensive & liability insurance.
  • Efficient communication, prompt scheduling, & affordable pricing.
  • Qualified & experienced arborists with deep knowledge of this industry.
  • Proper equipment to get the job done right.


Most importantly, we carefully manage every part of the tree removal process, including a full cleanup & haul away. If you have questions about our tree removal process or would like a free estimate, call JFR Construction Service.