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Why is Safety a Top Priority For Construction Projects?


Safety is always a top priority and a concern for construction and excavation companies that want to safeguard their clients, employees, and business. Safety has evolved from an afterthought in the ‘old days’ to be the prime focus before any construction project even begins.

Quality safety programs involve a careful assessment of what problems have occurred, what sort of plans were in place, what could have been performed better, and what measures can be taken to guarantee safety requirements are met going forward.

Today’s technology-driven world has ushered in a new age of data evaluation. Technology can evaluate human safety problems faster & in a more comprehensive scope. For instance, investigating all the data surrounding safety on a construction project & then executing safety updates & improvements are possibly the most critical processes needed to build any construction project effectively.

Safety Technology Saves Lives

Personal or individual safety methods are key to the overall safety of a project site. However, today’s technology is leading the process to improve protection for operators & job performance.

An illustration of this is wearable technology gadgets that can monitor the actions & health of workers. This is very similar to a timepiece that monitors your heart rate & daily steps. Also, wearable safety tech utilizes sensors to collect data about the operator & the neighboring work area. Wearable technology can monitor worker activities that affect safety & provide direction for job effectiveness.

A primary technology system can evaluate all data gathered by wearable devices that coordinate steps to improve safety. For instance, data received can be GPS location, related to health (heart rate, breathing), atmospheric conditions, & equipment status. Then, using Artificial Intelligence, this data can be evaluated and possible safety modifications at a stimulated rate & offer safety recommendations can be made. A simple illustration is a worker’s unexpected drop in heart rate. As a result, the wearable device quickly shuts down the heavy machine the worker is operating.

When technology aids in preventing a construction job site accident, operators get to go home to their families, & the entire work project avoids being shut down. As a result, prices, especially from injury or loss of life, are reduced. In addition, this attached safety measure produces a better work atmosphere & an opportunity to bring workers into an industry plagued with labor shortage.

The Best Construction Safety Culture At JFR

Did you know, stats say that 10% of construction site workers are hurt each year? Statistics also show that the construction business continues to be at the peak of the list for the most operators killed on the job each year.

Safety is a top priority at JFR Construction Services for the safekeeping of our staff, clients, and projects. Our construction & excavation company works to build a culture of safety that adapts the latest technology to help with all safety concerns. Our aim is to improve safety for our workers, clients, & the overall construction industry.