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Erosion Control: Design & Installation

Professionals at JFR Construction Service have the knowledge & experience to address all your erosion needs. If you are looking forward to implementing erosion control solutions on your property, and you need a dedicated & trustworthy company to partner with, look no further than JFR Construction. We are experts in installing and maintaining erosion and stormwater management systems.

Our highly trained & experienced team is equipped with cutting-edge tools to design and implement effective erosion control systems for any unique application. Professionals at JFR have a strong commitment to preserving and improving our environment.

We are Erosion Control Specialists

As Greater Austin’s top Erosion Control Service provider, we provide comprehensive site services, including the installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment controls. Our staff can also manage your schedules and site reporting to help you remain in compliance with local, state, & federal regulations.

We take a highly efficient approach to service, which enables you to keep a tight construction schedule without distractions, such as stop-work orders or fines. Therefore , our staff can help you to execute certified payrolls for government projects and can assist with any other compliance paperwork required, such as notices to the owner, joint check agreements, lien waivers, e-verification, etc.

Furthermore, many developers and contractors find that using a reputable erosion control company like ours that uses only quality products and installs per plan specifications will save your company a significant amount of money. The absence of or poorly installed erosion control can result in hefty fines from government agencies.

Erosion Control

We are Drainage Solutions Experts

Drainage issues in your yard and other places around your home and property have to be taken seriously; otherwise, the consequences can be costly to repair. Moving on, we can also assist with stabilizing steep slopes and runoff areas with a combination of improving drainage measures, establishing new vegetation, geotextile fabrics, and installing retaining walls. 

Yet another critical factor in residential drainage solutions is the flow of water from one yard to another. To prevent this from happening, we install measures to protect your home from excessive drainage from your neighbors’ yards as well.

We have many years of experience with custom installation of French drains, and trench drains, yard basins, yard inlets, dry wells, cleanouts of existing drainage systems, catch basins, and roof drainpipes and gutters.

Additionally, we use effective erosion control techniques, such as:

  • Stream Bank Stabilization – This is accomplished by using a fill comprised of multiple types of rocks to protect bridge abutments, embankments, and streambeds from erosion caused by runoff. Also, riprap encaged in galvanized, steel-wire mesh cages or cylinders is used to stabilize slopes and stream banks against erosion.
  • Erosion Control Blankets – Special blankets laid on slopes to slow water runoff and, more importantly, soil erosion.
  • Buffer Strips – Here, narrow areas of vegetation are used for erosion control, as the roots of the vegetation act as anchors.
  • Silt Fences – To keep the sediment that blows away inwards, unique fences used.
  • Re-vegetation – We keep it in our mind to establish vegetation so that their roots act as anchors and filters to prevent soil erosion.
  • Detention and Sediment basins
  • Rain Gardens

Best Quality & Price At Competitive Rates

JFR Construction Services takes pride in providing customers with high-quality service at highly competitive prices.  Before starting your project, we can provide you with a budget estimate.  You can have faith in us and proceed in confidence, knowing your erosion and sediment measures meet all requirements at a very cost-effective price.

Trust our Erosion Control Experts

We have over 15 years of experience working with all levels of land disturbance, from residential development to large industrial and commercial construction sites. We look forward to assisting you with soil stabilization needs, hydroseeding, wattles, blankets, and any other Construction related work that you may have.