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What Is Rough Grading?

Rough grading can be described as the ‘shaping’ of your home site. Here, contractors level the ground or create a specific slope to set a solid base upon which your new home or office will be built. The purpose of grading is to prevent foundation damage down the road and provide excellent drainage. 

Rough Grading Provides a Vital Foundation To Your Project

Rough Grading is the base and first step in all the grading related projects. Our top of the line grading equipment and laser technology help us to achieve proper shaping on all projects, both commercial and residential. At JFR Construction Services, we have the experience to achieve the results you need and desire.

When we are working on rough grading a site, we consider surface drainage to be our priority. Also, while Rough Grading, we give consideration to taking water away from buildings, playing surfaces, driveways, traffic areas, sidewalks, and other similar areas. JFR Construction Services often finds it necessary to cut out high areas and fill in low fields to achieve your desired grade while developing a site.

Rough grading is the first step towards establishing a lawn like a turf in your property. Besides, grading is essential for controlling soil erosion and eliminating water drainage problems in your property. And Rough grading processes need to be done effectively to make sure that your land doesn’t flood over or erode. Lucky for you, we at JFR Construction provide a high-class rough grading service. With the constant communication between you and our team, and with your vision combined with our technology, we can give you fast and reliable service, protecting your land from natural disasters permanently.

Residential and Commercial Grading Services

When you are looking forward to hiring help for a construction site, JFR Construction Services should be at the top of your list. We have the equipment for any grading and yard expansion application, and whether it’s rough grading or finish grading, with modern equipment and years of experience, we can grade for new parking lots as well as constructing slabs. 

We can also grade and perform yard expansions, transforming your cramped backyard into a large area for your kids to play. We ensure completion of projects on time, anywhere in the Greater Austin area, and beyond. We believe that a customer trusts us to handle their investment, so we provide the best the industry has to offer.

A negative, flat, or an uneven area can be detrimental to landscapes, fields, hills, and even building structures. Thus, we make sure the ideal grade is established, as it minimizes the possibility of exterior & interior water damage to your home and other buildings.  We analyze your sites subgrade while making sure there is no rolling or flat slopes that allow rainwater to pool potentially because of flooding. So, we take necessary steps to minimize erosion, and we often install riprap boundaries or well-rooted erosion control plants on steep hills and inclines.

We also examine your site entirely to determine the perfect grade for your installation. Removal of rocks, boulders, and debris from the grading site helps in ensuring a uniformed surface for hardscapes, plantings, and new additions. With our experience & skill, we utilize the best equipment in the industry for fast and efficient grading.

Our Commitment

Indulging in a large scale construction can be a daunting task, but JFR Construction Services has the customer care and the expertise to take you along the way step by step. If you are seeking some changes in the way that your landscape looks, then it is always crucial to consult a professional grading contractor to assess the area. Because grading involves many changes in the natural look of the land, careful planning and implementation is critical. JFR Construction Services will ensure that everything is taken care of when it comes to accurately grade your property. We are experienced professionals.