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Retaining Wall Construction Austin, TX

Accentuate your Yard with a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can help with the management of ground slopes, water drainage & runoff, & also controls erosion issues. Retaining walls, often composed from natural stone, present a distinct border & level of definition to areas of your landscape where they are required most. Whether you opt for a retaining wall concerning its aesthetic value or because of its functionality, it’s always essential to have them installed by a professional service.

If you are in need of generating a dramatic hardscape for your house, retaining walls may be just what you’re looking for. Retaining walls not only soften out uneven, fragmented yards, but they also add environmental benefits as well, such as controlling soil erosion, preventing flooding, stabilizing slopes, etc.

With JFR Construction Services, retaining wall services, we can repair & tear out older retaining walls & other features, & make sure that your retaining wall will be the perfect, flush fit that you need it to be with our excellent design & planning process. We provide professional installation services to both residential & commercial properties & work with a variety of materials, including: 

  • Manufactured stone
  • Natural stone
  • Concrete blocks
  • Railroad ties
  • Landscaping ties

All of which come with their own options in color choice & design aesthetics to give you the perfect match for your landscape or flower bed. Along with our installation, we can also provide consultation on the best placement of your retaining walls, & how you can incorporate your drainage solutions into a draining wall to save space & enhance the functionality of both features.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

retaining wall

The experts at JFR Construction Services have the experience, reliability, & creativity to complete your project successfully & surpass all of your expectations.

Below are some additional benefits of choosing JFR Construction Services for all your concrete retaining wall needs:

  • Retaining walls shield & enhance the appearance of your landscaping.
  • Concrete retaining walls possess better durability in comparison to the plastered block equivalents.
  • Walls can be customized with patterns, decorative finishes, lighting, & other options.
  • Concrete walls can be useful in the long-term in a variety of soil types & water conditions.

JFR Construction Services does not cut corners or use inferior quality fillers. Through experience, we have learned how to strengthen our concrete through technique & materials without sacrificing quality. JFR Construction Services is comfortable working with any landscape designer or engineer of your choice.

Your satisfaction is our priority, that’s why the finest retaining wall materials in both style & durability will be used for your project. Call today to pick out the right product for your retaining wall needs!