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Final Grading creates a Beautiful Landscape

For the laymen in the construction field, a Final Grading can be defined as the installation of specific materials like the screened topsoil on top of a clay base, which is called “Rough Grade” that promotes the flow of excess water away from existing structures and promotes proper drainage. The drainage and circulation of water is basically based on the elevations found within your property’s plot plan or the Rough Grade certificate.

And if you are wondering, how does a Final Grade affect my landscaping? The material used for your final grade is the foundation or the first step for your landscaping.

Final Grading Is Vital for the Well-Being of Your Landscape

Final grading requires sand or topsoil to be imported and smoothed out to slope the ground in all the strategically important areas. This ensures that your grass, trees, or other plants grow beautifully.

When the construction of your property begins, we import the clean sand and spread it around the house, so that it is nice and smooth and ready to plant grass or install sod.

Moving on, our professionals at JFR Construction Services start the grading process by cutting and filling high and low subgrade elevations. After the sub base is contoured as planned, we add the topsoil. An adequately graded site ensures proper drainage for your structure. Proper drainage is essential because it ensures that the foundation does not leak, and that no interior damage occurs.

Rough grading

rough grading

Screened topsoil is absolutely the best material to use, but it is costly. So, most of the time, we use clean bank sand for two main reasons:

  • It is clean and free of sticks, roots, and clay.
  • It is the quickest and most accessible material to spread out because it doesn’t clump up from the tacky clay material.

Furthermore, there are mostly three varieties of sand:

  • Topsoil, i.e., the top 18 inches of soil, which has sticks and roots, but it’s rich in organics.
  • Bank sand, i.e., the sand where the riverbed or the creek is, and
  • The sand that is below the topsoil; it is thicker and contains clay.


Besides, when JFR builders build a site pad with all their expertise, they scrape all the topsoil away from the house pad area, so that after the construction of the house is complete, this topsoil can be used to spread over the clay material that was used while building the house pad.
We highly recommend this as this soil is rich in organics from existing sticks and roots and provides a nutrient-rich area for grass or other plants to grow. Lastly, to ensure long-lasting proper drainage for your property, we only use landscaping materials such as screened topsoil or road crush as they tend to work well to allow water to run off correctly, whereas other materials may soak water up.

Our grading staff are:

  • COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified for safety
  • Experienced and properly trained
  •  Making sure you are delighted & totally satisfied

Now you know what Final Grading is and why it is vital for your property. So, if you want the best in terms of Final Grading for the Greater Austin area, then contact JFR Construction Services today!