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JFR Construction provides rock & concrete breaking & removal solutions for Contractors, Builders, Homeowners, County, & City Public Works projects in Austin County & the surrounding area of Austin, TX. We specialize in the demolition & removal of residential concrete such as patios, ponds, stairs, walkways & retaining walls. Our non-explosive rock & concrete demolition breaking tools & technologies are fast, safe & cost-effective.

We have the techniques & experience to break up SOLID ROCK & BOULDERS OF ANY SIZE, ANYWHERE that you may encounter them during land clearing or mass excavation for building site preparation, below-grade swimming pool holes, utility trench lines, inside, under & next to damageable structures & utilities. No rock or boulder is too big to break into manageable pieces that can be dug out or loaded into a truck.

We also break up, remove & recycle asphalt & concrete driveways, walkways, floors, footings, foundations, patios, pads, sidewalks stages, & steps, etc. In most cases, we can respond on short notice to help you stay on schedule, saving you time & money in your rock & concrete demolition project.

Rock Demolition And Concrete Removal


If you’re dealing with troublesome rocks & boulders on your property or unwanted driveways & patios—you don’t have to learn to live with them— Contact JFR Construction service professionals & get them removed! While there are a lot of cases where breaking is more accessible than building. If we talk about well-rooted concrete & stubborn boulders, you’re surely going to need the professional touch, not just that old jackhammer you’ve got tucked away in the garage.

Not only do we hold years of practice in the excavation & demolition industry, but we are also well-versed in all security precautions, including zoning, bylaws, & completing your job so that it’s 100% up to code.

Why Choose JFR Construction Service

  • Controlled rock breaking specialists
  • Non-explosive equipment used
  • Controlled concrete breaking specialists
  • Rock & boulder removal
  • Controlled non-explosive technologies are used
  • We can break up bedrock & boulders of any size
  • Serving TX State Contractors, Builder’s, Government & Home Owners
  • Technologies allow us to work very close to structures & sensitive utilities without damage
  • Need a job done on short notice? We usually can accommodate
  • In business since 2001

If you’re looking to work with a company that cares about the work they do, you’ve come to the right place. Every member of our team is licensed, bonded, invested in the work, & it shows! We like to start off every new assignment by providing our clients with a free service estimate.