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What Does an excavator at JFR Construction Services Do?

We specialize in directional drilling for all kinds of projects, and we provide clients with a highly qualified team of experienced field professionals, operators, and drivers who perform safely and efficiently. We also specialize in delivering underground gas systems and electric utility services for all utility providers as well as cable, telephone, and broadband service providers with storm sewers, and sanitary sewers. Also, we offer overhead Electric Power Installation and Reconstruction.

Where infrastructure is concerned, we understand the importance of a job well done. The skilled professionals at JFR Construction Services deliver the highest level of quality to each project so that a water main installed today doesn’t become a water main that’s broken tomorrow.

Using trenchers and directional drills, we bore and pull products, including steel and plastic-like PVC, and HDP. So, you can trust us with all your residential or commercial trenching jobs, including: 

  • Cable TV and Fiber Optic Trenching
  • Gas utility Line trenching
  • Electrical Utility trenching
  • Private Utility trenching
  • Sewer Systems
  • Storm Water systems
  • Irrigation trenching

Underground Utilities Repair or Replacement

Our expert team fixes water mains and sewer pipes to eliminate current stress and prevent future problems – usually through pipelining or full pipe replacement. We also offer consultation to our clients based on our years of local experience to ensure we provide the best solution.

Pipe replacement is a long-term solution, which can be used to address the most critical failures. We can fully replace or repair underground pipelines, patch, or line pipes when replacement is not possible.

Overhead Electric Power Installation and Reconstruction

Trenching & Excavation

JFR Construction is considered a leader in the power transmission and distribution (T&D) community. Moreover, our clients are network owners, such as transmission and distribution utilities, and network users, such as electricity consumers, generators, and rail network operators.

More importantly, we also focus on system reliability through system renewal and asset management, which is dedicated to managing the oversight of the aging T&D infrastructure. Additionally, we also help fulfill the promise of a sustainable future by lowering the carbon emissions of the power sector.

JFR Construction Services is highly dedicated to customer service and ensuring that we get the job done on time for both our customers and contractors.  JFR is also dedicated to safety for the general public, our employees, customers, and property owners.  JFR Construction’s safety culture is our number one priority.  We continually strive to make our job sites and projects safer and more efficient. So, Contact Us for all your Utility Trenching work.